33, 45, 78 RPM Record LP Player PVC Antique Gramophone Turntable Disc Vinyl Audio RCA R/L 3.5mm Output Out USB

33, 45, 78 RPM Record LP Player PVC Antique Gramophone Turntable Disc Vinyl Audio RCA R/L 3.5mm Output Out USB
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Oписание продукта

(This bluetooth DAC AMP have two version,1. built-in battery version, 2. no built-in battery version, we will arrange the shipping of 1. built-in battery version or 2. no built-in battery version according to your country`s regulations of the express and airport company)
Product features:
1. Bluetooth: CSR8670
2. when using USB, you need to install the driver. Please ask us to drive the download address after the next single.
3. earphone mouth: Foxconn metal shell seal seat
4. amp: free replaceable
5. op amp use dual power supply, dynamic and parse
6. non interference
7. battery capacity: 3000mA
8. Amp Power: 0.13W/32 Europe (thrust, good bass)
9.USB:XMOS XU208 (USB does not support a U disk, a hard disk, only a computer or a Android handset)
10. support Bluetooth coaxial output
Product introduction:
1.DAC uses USB and Bluetooth interface. It is easy to match PC, notebook, mobile phone and so on. It is small and suitable for portable or vehicle use, providing better sound quality experience than PC, such as sound card, cell phone and so on.
2. TI high performance DSD1796 as decoder (DSD special decoder chip, 0.0005% USB XMOS, distortion) XU208 chip, MCU control, automatic decoding of DSD and PCM, 4 input decoding, amp, linear output interface. PCM, DSD64, DSD128, DSD256 format music can be played (DSD can be played by native).
3. Bluetooth chip is CSR8670, support Bluetooth 4 protocol, support CD level acoustic lossless transmission protocol ATPX, module for music playback optimized firmware.
4.CSR8670 directly decodes the coaxial digital signal, and the sound quality is better (without call function). Bluetooth line receive a distance of about 8 meters, do not support the wall, recommended 3-5 meters, Bluetooth mode can play DSD.
5. built-in battery (built-in battery and battery free two versions, please check the instructions before use, convenient single) music lovers in the car, better than car navigation, car MP3 and mobile phone connection, charging a Bluetooth mode of life of 15 hours or so, the coaxial fiber mode, life more than 40 hours! USB port 5V charging
The 6. coaxial port has two way functions: when using Bluetooth mode, the coaxial port is the output of Bluetooth signal (Bluetooth signal SPDIF out), when the selection switch is placed in the coaxial input, the port is coaxial input decoding (SPDIF in).
7. USB supports OTG, Android mobile phone, set-top box and so on. IPAD doesn\'t support iPhone, Linux and Delphi system without driver and directly use. It suggests that mobile phone install APP software haibyMusic to support DSD format, Android more than 5 of the system is supported by default.
8. support Windows system (need to install drive), MAC, Linux system (no need to install driver), mobile device mobile phone, tablet computer
9. to sound, can obviously improve the sound effect.
10. voltage stabilizer chip, feverish audio component (SANYO solid, tantalum capacitor filter, ELNA red audio capacitor).
11. support the replacement of the operational amplifier, the free replacement of the operational amplifier (attention: three opplays are both dual operational amplifiers), the default is NE5532
Bluetooth playback Description:
It is recommended to use a mobile phone with ATPX function, and the effect is better.
On the explanation of Bluetooth format:
A. APTX-LL: lossless audio format, 32mS ultra low delay;
B. APTX-L: lossless audio format, 60mS low delay; support equipment: Samsung, HTC and other mobile phones
C. AAC: lossless audio format, 120mS delay; support equipment: iPhone mobile phone and IPAD
D. SBC: lossy audio format, delay 120mS-200mS; support device: basic audio format for Bluetooth device
Technical indicators:
Shape size: 110*98*25mm (excluding protruding part)
Weight: 300 grams
Built-in battery capacity: 3000mA
The charging time is about 6 hours (USB, charging voltage 5V)
Coaxial, fiber input current: 60mA
USB input working current: 200mA
Bluetooth state working current: 180mA
Earphone output power: 130mW/32 Europe
Audio output distortion: 0.001%
Audio output amplitude: 2.1V RMS
Coaxial support format: PCM 44.1K-192K/24bit
Optical fiber support format: PCM 44.1K-96K/24bit
USB decoding support format: PCM 44.1K-384K/32bit, DSD64-DSD256 automatic identification decoding (DXD format is not supported)
Random attachments: one USB data line, a Bluetooth antenna
Bluetooth settings:
1. switch "BT" position, Bluetooth symbol indicator fast flicker
2. in the mobile phone, enter the mobile phone "Settings" - "Bluetooth", click "search equipment", "Leaf Audio SQ-Bluetooth" to search and click on the "Leaf Audio SQ-Bluetooth, mobile phone prompt" pairing "with the device, click the" yes "connection," matching equipment "display" connected to successfully connect, "media audio playback function can use Bluetooth, Bluetooth indicator to slow flash.
3. it is recommended to use the mobile phone that supports the ATPX function.
Be careful:
1.DAC only inserts optical in. When the input switch is not in opt position, it may crosstalk. However, when other ports are inserted and connected, the crosstalk will disappear. It is not the functional problem of the product, but the best choice of DAC. When the input state is Bluetooth mode, if the SPDIF port is input to the signal, the DAC coaxial signal is defaults, and when Bluetooth is played, it automatically turns to decode Bluetooth
2.DAC does not support DXD format decoding
3. cannot access the front USB interface of the desktop computer, which may cause noise or non recognition in the playback.
4. using Bluetooth mode, effective straight-line distance of about 10 meters, 5 meters of wall or recommended, obstacles will affect the signal transmission and lead voice interruption.
5. if the Bluetooth device is unable to match, please turn the DAC for 1 minutes or turn off the Bluetooth and reopen it again, and make the Bluetooth pairing again.
6. charge voltage is 5V, suggested electricity